Monday, April 10, 2017

Learning from students: Found poetry

Here's another example from my adult students sharing poetry with young people in my "learning from my students' students" series. 

We're looking at how they interacted with You Just Wait: A Poetry Friday Power Book using each PowerPack to see how young writers responded.

Here, Gena got the students involved in PowerPack 9 of You Just Wait and they had fun with "found" poetry. 

First, she tried the PowerPlay activity with students-- making paper airplanes since the anchor poem references making paper airplanes in English class.

Then Gena created an original digital poem postcard for the "anchor" poem by Virginia Euwer Wolff:

 Then, she created a digital postcard for one of the response poems by Janet Wong:

Then, she shared the response (found) poems the students wrote in relation to the mentor text poem.

Finally, Gena also recommended additional resource books on found poetry and on flight. 

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