Wednesday, April 02, 2014

PFAS: “Looking at the Sky Tonight” by Janet Wong

Time to showcase another poem movie! This one is by Morgan L. and features the poem, "Looking at the Sky Tonight" by Janet Wong. I think she really captures the quiet spirit of the poem, don't you?

Click here. 

You'll find this poem in The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science: First Grade, Week 14.


Janet Wong said...

I love the quiet mood of this poem movie--very calming and fits the poem so well. As I child I loved camping because ordinarily I couldn't see stars (in the city) . . . and last month I spent 3 very cold nights in Norway searching the sky--and seeing the Northern Lights (for 30 seconds)!!

Janet Wong said...

And thank you, Morgan, for a great job!

Anonymous said...

This was a lovely adaptation. I can't wait to see them all!

Susan Taylor Brown said...

I love these poem movies and think that Morgan did a terrific job capturing the stillness and togetherness of Janet's poem.

Looking forward to more poem movies!

Unknown said...

Thank you Janet! Your comment means a lot! I am glad you approve. I had a lot of fun making this poem movie. My husband and daughter did too! :)