Friday, April 11, 2014

PFAS: "Discovery/Descubrimiento" by Margarita Engle

I am so pleased that several bilingual poems (in Spanish and English) are featured in The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science. And I was so gratified that Patrina G chose one of those bilingual poems for her poetry movie project,"Discovery/Descumbrimiento" by Margarita Engle. Plus, she even offers a reading of the poem in both English and Spanish in her video.

Watch it by clicking here. 

Look for this poem in The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science, Second Grade, Week 4.


skanny17 said...
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skanny17 said...

This is just beautiful. I love the poem in both of its versions and the photos that your student chose for each section were perfect. I can't wait to share this with my adopted class of third graders. Patrina G. has a lovely tone in her voice which added to my enjoyment. Poetry is treasure and thank you Sylvia, Janet W. for all you do to bring this gold to us and our lucky students!
Janet F.

Janet Wong said...

Margarita's gentle message to BE PATIENT and observe is something we all need to remember and be reminded of. And having this message both in English and in Spanish is double the goodness! Great job on the movie, Patrina!