Sunday, August 13, 2006

Poetry portfolio

There’s nothing quite like seeing the rough drafts of a published poem. The finished product we read in a book seems so perfect that it’s hard to imagine the writer ever struggling with e word and phrase. This is particularly true for children who think adults never make mistakes in their writing. Showing them drafts of writing (including your own) is a very eye-opening experience for them. Showing them drafts of a published poem can open up a whole world. The Children’s Literature Research Collections held at the Kerlan Collection of the University of Minnesota offer a unique resource for sharing poetry with children: a portfolio of materials donated by NCTE Poetry Award winner, Barbara Esbensen. The Barbara Esbensen Poetry Portfolio is multi-media learning tool that uses the work of Barbara Esbensen to highlight her versatility as a writer, poet and storyteller. The kit is appropriate for grades 2 through 8 and includes lessons, biographical information, supporting documents, and overhead transparencies of manuscript pages and galleys of Esbensen’s writing. This can be invaluable for helping children understand the process of writing and publishing poetry. Aspiring writers, in particular, will find this “behind-the-scenes” view fascinating.

Barbara Esbensen Poetry Portfolio

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