Thursday, August 03, 2006

August poem to read aloud

Just for fun—here is a poem for a hot August day.


In August, when the days are hot,
I like to find a shady spot,
And hardly move a single bit--
And sit--
And sit--
And sit--
And sit!

By Anonymous
Hopkins, Lee Bennett, comp. 1983. THE SKY IS FULL OF SONG. New York: Harper & Row.

This poem lends itself to several different read aloud strategies. First, write the words “and sit” on four index cards numbering them from 1 to 4. Ask for volunteers in the audience, one per card. Then as you read the poem out loud, the four seated volunteers each read their part (“and sit”) right where they are seated, one after the other (1, 2, 3, 4). (Practice once with the four volunteers before reading it with the whole group, if needed.) Read it again and again with four different volunteers each time, if interest is strong.

Next, incorporate motions or movement—sitting. Break the audience into four groups, invite them to stand as you read the poem, and then point to each group to sit as you read the phrase “and sit” each time.

Then, read it again and invite them to join in with you in the reading (and sitting). (Kids will often join in even before they’re invited which is a good sign that your poem reading is engaging!)

If you are feeling really brave, this poem can even be read in a round or canon. Divide the group in two, each group reads the whole poem, but the second group begins after the first group finishes the first line—much like singing “row, row, row, your boat” in a round. It takes some practice, so you may have to do this several times before everyone gets the hang of it, but it’s a lot of fun. You might even try incorporating the sitting action along with the group reading for lots of laughter!


Anonymous said...

our first grader just learned this at school. she scored a hundred on the memorization. i googled it to see who wrote it, and your site came up, thanks for sharing


Sylvia Vardell said...

You're welcome! Hope your first grader was a hit.
Come back any time!