Friday, June 12, 2020

Nikki Grimes x 2

Irene Latham is corralling our Poetry Friday posts all celebrating the work of Nikki Grimes! Be sure to check out all the posts at Irene's blog, Live Your Poem. I'm a big fan of Nikki's (and Irene's, for that matter) from way back! I co-chaired the NCTE Poetry Award committee (with the late Peggy Oxley) that selected Nikki for the award in 2006 and was there when she received her Legacy Award from ALSC. I created the teacher guide for her book, Garvey's Choice, hosted her for a poetry festival here in Texas and the Poetry Round Up at TLA, and just featured her new book, Southwest Sunrise, on my blog a few weeks ago. And her work just continues to be terrific and diverse: picture books, novels in verse, anthologies, and an incredible memoir. Plus, the awards keep piling up too! 

Nikki has been kind enough to collaborate with Janet (Wong) and me on several of our poetry anthologies, so I thought I might feature two of her poems from those books here. 


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jama said...

Thanks for sharing these two wonderful Nikki poems. Second one made me smile. :) Her versatility as a writer is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia. These two Nikki Grimes poem samples are so contrasting, a beautiful share of some of the deep range her pen knows.
I am forever grateful we celebrate MLK,Jr.'s birthday.
And what a hoot to try to cap that pen, with Nikki.
I am so glad you met her work & her, so long ago, that you lifted her work up to educators & families & that you continue to celebrate her multi-dimensioned talent.

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Linda Mitchell said...

It's been an incredible celebration, hasn't it? I love this post as part of it. Pen is a great poem.

michelle kogan said...

Thanks Sylvia, for sharing both of these poems by Nikki. Especially "Pen" who has a marvelous voice, which I love, and could read over, and over, and over, again!

laurasalas said...

Love these poems, Sylvia. You and Janet and Nikki are just three of my poetry heroes!

Ruth said...

Both of these are wonderful! Thank you!