Friday, May 04, 2018

Poetry for Star Wars Day

Surely you know by now that I am a big Star Wars fan! (I have my very own Aunt Beru costume for cosplay!) Since today is May 4 ("May the fourth [Force] be with you") and Star Wars Day, I would like to share a Star Wars spin on poetry!  I like to take poems that already exist and then place them against a Star Wars background or linked with Star Wars characters to give them a Star Wars-y interpretation. Yes, it's nutty, but it always reminds me of the power of visuals to influence our understanding of a poem. This is also a fun activity for students-- to choose a favorite poem and then illustrate it with their own art or with images from magazines or online resources. So.... here are three poems from our Poetry Friday anthologies paired with Star Wars images. Enjoy! 

Now head on over to Write Time where Linda is organizing the Poetry Friday universe today! 


Linda said...

I love your Stars Wars spin,Sylvia. We are huge Star Wars fans!

Also, there was some sort of mix-up today, and two of us were scheduled to host. Mistakes happen! You might want to add your link to Brenda's blog at

I know a lot of people will want to celebrate Star Wars Day on your blog! Have a great weekend! xo

jama said...

I love these so much . . . and I love that you're such a big SW fan (like my husband). Thanks for all the fun.

Michelle Kogan said...

Fun post Sylvia, the poems fit so well with the images. Hope the force carried you through the "4th," thanks!

Sylvia Vardell said...

Thanks, y'all, for appreciating my silliness! Yes, I love Star Wars, but I also love demonstrating how we can change the visual background and view the poem in a fresh way-- a fun activity for students too!