Thursday, October 05, 2017

Bilingual Poetry in Audio Form

There's nothing quite like hearing poetry read aloud, is there? Especially hearing a poet read her or his work aloud or a professional narrator who infuses poetry with emotion. A few years ago, I posted a lengthy discussion of the power of recorded poetry as part of my presentation at the USBBY/IBBY regional conference along with Dr. Rose Brock. You'll find the whole thing here. I shared ten online resources of audio poetry and a lengthy list of audiobooks of poetry that are definitely worth finding, listening to, and sharing with young people. 

Now, I am absolutely tickled pink to have participated in creating a mini-audiobook of poetry! 

You can find 35 poems from The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations in audio form for free at SoundCloud here. These same poems are also available on a CD via Amazon here (for $9). PLUS, each poem is read aloud in both English and Spanish, complete with musical introductions. We're so thrilled to offer this alternative mode for experiencing poetry! And what a great way to hear the poems in two languages!

Here are the poems from The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations that are included in the CD:

“Three Kings Day”
“Compliment Chain” 

“How to Love Your Little Corner …” 
“Bilingual Daisy” 

“World Water Day” 

“Children’s Day, Book Day” 
“Pocket Poems Card” 
“The Dancer” 

“Look for the Helpers” 


“Independence Day” 
“Moon Walk” 

“Family Day” 
“The Very First Day of School” 

“Far away on Grandparents Day”
“I Can Ask and I Can Learn” 
“Our Blended Family”

“When to Eat Pan Dulce…” 

“At Our House” 
“Day of the Dead” 
“Dear Veteran” 

“Christmas Tree” 

“Happy Noon Year” 

The poems were read by David Bowles and about a dozen of his college/graduate students at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley (native Spanish speakers). David Bowles hails from a Mexican-American family and has lived most of his life in the Río Grande Valley of south Texas, where he now teaches at the University of Texas there. His work focuses on “the crossroads of myth and legend, genre and literature” and includes a weekly book review column, several edited series, works in periodicals and literary journals, and the Pura Belpré Honor Book The Smoking Mirror

Here's one sample poem to enjoy-- and the audio recording for this poem is #6 on the SoundCloud playlist.

Now be sure and join the rest of the Poetry Friday fun gathered by Violet Nesdoly's blog here.


Janet Wong said...

Playing a few of these poems in Spanish (& English) for ALL students to enjoy is a great way to build community and instill a global mindset. And this way, when students hear Spanish in their communities it will be just another language and not a "foreign" language.

Kay said...

This is such a great collection. The ones I've listened to so far are outstanding, and I love that I can hear them in two languages--it's twice as good!

Violet N. said...

What a great offering, Sylvia & Janet. Hearing the Spanish version makes me wish I spoke (and understood) Spanish... it's so lilting!

Linda Mitchell said...

I can't wait to share this with my teachers! Thank you so much. I know JUST the teacher that will start using this right away. She loves her ELL students like her own babies and I hope I can get a few pics of her with her kids and these poems!

Mary Lee said...

A fabulous addition to your work! You two just don't stop with the creativity!!!

Sylvia Vardell said...

Thank y'all for stopping by and all these lovely comments too. We hope you'll help us spread the word and get this free resource into as many hands (and ears!) as possible!

Christie Wyman said...

How wonderful this additional resource is, Sylvia. We already enjoy the printed collection, so this will only add to our overall poetic experience. When I share poetry with my Kindergarteners, I always have boys and girls volunteer to read and/or recite them. It's amazing how much richer the experience is when different voices participate. -- Christie @

michelle kogan said...

Such a rich resource and addition to your book, thanks for making it available and sharing it with us!

Charles Waters said...

This is so cool and so needed! :-)