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Audio Poetry

I'll be at the biennial IBBY regional conference hosted by USBBY this weekend-- in New York! I'm presenting along with the lovely Rose Brock on "Through the Looking and Listening Glass: How Audiobooks Channel Culture and Impact Literacy." My focus? Poetry, of course! So, here's the scoop for those of you who can't be there!

Poetry always remembers that it was an oral art before it was a written art. It remembers that it was first song.
Jorge Luis Borges

There are several places to find audio adaptations of poetry for young people. Many are available as CDs (formerly cassettes) accompanying print books or as downloadable audio files. If you want to hear how poetry should sound, there is no better resource than hearing the poets themselves read their poems aloud or professional narrators bring poetry to life. And we’re fortunate to have more and more access to recorded poetry through iTunes, audioclips, CDs and tapes, downloadable audio from web sites, audio stores, and more. 

Audio Poetry Activities
1. Children can tape record themselves reading a favorite poem aloud, copy the poem in their best handwriting, illustrate it, and present their poem performance as a gift to a loved one. 

2. Children can collect examples of favorite poems on audio- or videotape and explore neighborhood, cultural, and linguistic variations. They can translate their English favorites into other languages represented in their community. 

3. If audio or public address announcements are made on a regular basis, include the oral reading of a poem (by a child or other volunteer) on a daily or weekly basis. Challenge children to work with a partner to incorporate multiple voices, sound effects, or musical instruments.

4. Books and poems in the public domain can be read and recorded by anyone at and then made available world-wide. Tools like SoundCloud enable children to create their own audio anthologies or podcast recordings of favorite poems.
Audio/Video Poetry Online
Multimedia area includes audio, video, podcasts, slideshows

Audio and video clips of individual poems and poets

Videos of average citizens reading favorite poems

Archive of audio recordings of poets reading their work, including a children’s poetry area

Poet biographies, sample poems, audio archives, National Poetry Month celebrations

Info  about the Poet Laureates of the U.S., national prizes in poetry, special poetry events, and audio archives

The Poetry Foundation offers a dedicated area for “Children’s Poetry” featuring several hundred poems for children searchable and organized by topic, some with audio links

*No Water (by Renée M. LaTulippe)
Video of children’s poets reading from their work along with extensive teaching connections, plus features on each of the NCTE Poetry Award winners

My own sites (with Janet Wong) featuring the Poetry Friday teaching anthologies with downloadables and audio and video poetry

*Poet Websites
Some poets feature video and audio on their personal websites. Michael Rosen, for example, has 49 videos of himself reciting poems from an out of print book. Others with audio links include Kristine O’Connell George, Janet Wong, Nikki Grimes, Joyce Sidman.
Audio Awards 

*Odyssey Audiobook Award
*ALSC Notable Children’s Recordings 
*YALSA Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults 
*Grammy Awards for Spoken Word 
*Audio Publishers Association’s Audie Awards 

Poetry Apps 
iF Poems (Clickworks Ltd., 2011) Read, listen to, record and share your favorite poems from a collection of more than 200 classic (largely British) poems narrated by actors Helena Bonham Carter and Bill Nighy.
The Grim Granary: Poems for Kids Big and Small (Tusitala Pte. Ltd., 2011), a collection of darkly humorous illustrated poems with audio renditions of each poem available in three languages” 
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: The Experience (FlyingWord, 2011), the classic poem features the illustrations of Michael Hague, accessible in 9 languages.

Audio Poetry for Young People: A Select Bibliography
Alexander, Kwame. The Crossover (Recorded Books, 2014)
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Creech, Sharon. Hate that Cat (Harper Children’s Audio, 2008)
Creech, Sharon. Heartbeat (Recorded Books, 2004)
Creech, Sharon. Love that Dog (Harper Children’s Audio, 2002)
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Singer, Marilyn. Mirror, Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse (Live Oak Media, 2011)
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From: Vardell, S. The Poetry Teacher’s Book of Lists (2012)

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