Friday, June 26, 2015

YALSA at ALA in San Francisco

It's time for the annual conference of the American Library Association, this time in San Francisco, California! I'm lucky enough to be presenting alongside an amazing panel, thanks to YALSA. Here's the lowdown:

The WeNeedDiverseBooks movement challenges us to help young people connect with their passions, desires, and interests by embracing diversity. A panel of scholars, authors, and practitioners including Professors Sylvia Vardell and Antero Garcia, librarian Marianne Follis, and authors Janet Wong, Margarita Engle, and Lesléa Newman will discuss how diversity is key—in literature, media, and programming and in embracing and exploring questions of cultural and sexual identity.

Our program weaves together the perspective of scholars, authors, and practitioners combining the expertise and context of each unique setting, highlighting the potential for collaboration. In addition, the focus on diversity is crucial, examining the spectrum of cultural and sexual identity in literature, media, and programming showing how a cross-cultural, cross-platform focus meets the needs of today’s teens in meaningful ways.

If you're at the conference, come join us!

A Select Bibliography of Books by Presenters

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Special thanks to Candlewick Press, Simon & Schuster, and Pomelo Books for their support!

We have an amazing slideshow and our session will be audio-taped plus we have heaps of freebies to give away too. I hope to share some nuggets from our session later-- and attend the Poetry Blast and report on that next week too. Meanwhile, happy Poetry Friday, everyone! Head on over to Carol's Corner where she is hosting our gathering this week. 


Mary Lee said...

What a fabulous presentation, and an amazing lineup of authors! Wish I could be there!!

Linda B said...

Maybe someday I can go to an ALA convention. Your presentation sounds terrific. Thanks for the list too!

Sylvia Vardell said...

Hi, Mary Lee and Linda, and thanks for your comments. ALA is a terrific event-- come join us any time. Meanwhile, you're here in spirit!