Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Celebrating All Kinds of Kids and Friends

This is the week for the annual conference of the Texas Library Association and today I'm leading the 11th annual Poetry Round Up-- always a popular session. In honor of our 11th anniversary, I'm hosting 11 poets too: Jorge Argueta, Brian Rock, Leslie Bulion, J. Patrick Lewis, George Ella Lyon, Kenn Nesbitt, Micol Ostow, K.A. Holt, Nancy Bo Flood, Janet Wong, and illustrator Don Tate reading from his new book, Poet. (Lee Wardlaw was scheduled to come, but has had to postpone till next time.) Of course, I'll bring a full report (and maybe videoclips) later on this blog. Meanwhile, here's another poem-plus-video to enjoy!

Renee M. LaTulippe provides today's marvelous poem, "Friends," in honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities (held every December 3). Joni H. has organized this video and features two young readers who really capture the spirit of the poem including their own drawings and a bit of discussion in response to the poem.

For more information about International Day of Persons with Disabilities sponsored by the United Nations, click HERE.  

For the full text of this poem and 150+ more (all in English AND Spanish), order your own copy of The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations HERE and for more Poetry Celebrations fun, click HERE. Plus for more on National Poetry Month, click HERE.


Robyn Hood Black said...

I adore this poem of Renée's. Congrats to Joni on the video, and to Alanna and Sebastian for the cheerful readings and wonderful art!

Also, I know that Roundup will be amazing. Sending poetry love from here!

laurasalas said...

That is lovely. And the readers are so cute!

Have a great time at TLA--I know you will!

Liz Steinglass said...

I love this poem and this video!

Robyn Campbell said...

I love Renee's poem. Super video too. Celebrations is truly a celebration.

Unknown said...

Thank you! I very much enjoyed making the video. I'm glad that it could be shared with so many people.

Linda said...

I love Renee's poem, and the video is perfect!