Friday, January 31, 2014

Sneak Peek 2014

It's time again to gather my list of forthcoming poetry titles for children and teens planned for publication in 2014. As usual, this list is only a beginning and I hope you'll comment or contact me if you know of other titles scheduled to be released this year. (I'll try my best to keep it updated throughout the year.) Meanwhile, here's what I know so far. 

  1. Alexander, Kwame. 2014. The Crossover. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  2. Bertier, Anne. 2014. Wednesday. New York: Enchanted Lion.
  3. Bunting, Eve. 2014. P is for Pirate: A Pirate Alphabet. Chelsea, MI: Sleeping Bear Press.
  4. Brown, Margaret Wise. 2014. Goodnight Songs: Illustrated by Twelve Award-Winning Picture Book Artists. New York: Sterling.
  5. Brown, Skila. 2014. Caminar. Somerville, MA: Candlewick.
  6. Bryan, Ashley. 2014. Ashley Bryan's Puppets: Making Something from Everything. New York: Atheneum.
  7. Child, Lydia Maria. (1994/2014). Over the River and Through the Wood: A Thanksgiving Poem. Ill. by Christopher Manson. New York: North/South.
  8. Cleary, Brian. 2014. If it Rains Pancakes: Haiku and Lantern Poems. Ill. by Andy Rowland. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press.
  9. Cleary, Brian. 2014. Ode to a Commode: Concrete Poems. Ill. by Andy Rowland. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press.
  10. Crowe, Chris. 2014. Death Coming Up the Hill. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  11. Crozier, Lorna. 2014. Lots of Kisses. Custer, WA: Orca. 
  12. dePaola, Tomie. 2014. Jack. New York: Penguin. 
  13. Denton, Graham. 2014. My Rhino Plays the Xylophone: Poems to Make You Giggle. A & C Black.
  14. Elliott, David. 2014. On the Wing. Somerville, MA: Candlewick.
  15. Engle, Margarita. 2014. Silver People: Voices from the Panama Canal. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  16. Engle, Margarita. 2014. Tiny Rabbit's Big Wish. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  17. Florian, Douglas. 2014. Poem Depot: Aisles of Smiles. NY: Dial.
  18. Frank, John. 2014. Lend a Hand. Ill. by London Ladd. New York: Lee & Low. 
  19. Frank, Lucy. 2014. Two Girls Staring at the Ceiling. New York: Schwartz & Wade.
  20. Frost, Helen. 2014. Room 214: A Year in Poems. (10th Anniversary Reissue of Spinning Through the Universe, 2004). New York: Macmillan.
  21. Gibson, Amy. 2014. By Day, By Night. Ill. by Meilo So. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press.
  22. Gifford, Peggy. 2014. The Great Big Green. Ill. by Lisa Desimini. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press.
  23. Gittins, Chrissie. 2014. Stars in Jars: New and Collected Poems. New York: Bloomsbury.
  24. Graham, Joan B. 2014. The Poem That Will Not End: Fun With Poetic Forms and Voices. Two Lions.
  25. Heppermann, Christine. 2013. Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty. New York: HarperCollins/Greenwillow.
  26. High, Linda Oatman. 2014. Otherwise. Costa Mesa, CA: Saddleback.
  27. High, Linda Oatman. 2014. Teeny Little Grief Machines. Costa Mesa, CA: Saddleback.
  28. Hoberman, Mary Ann. 2014. You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Tall Tales to Read Together. New York: Little, Brown. 
  29. Holt, K. A. 2014. Rhyme Schemer. San Francisco: Chronicle.
  30. Hopkins, Ellen. 2014. Rumble. New York: Margaret K. McElderry/Simon & Schuster.
  31. Hopkins, Lee Bennett. Ed. 2014. Manger. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.
  32. Janeczko, Paul. Ed. 2014. Firefly July: A Year of Very Short Poems. Ill. by Melissa Sweet. Somerville, MA: Candlewick.
  33. Jiang, Emily. 2014. Summoning the Phoenix: Poems and Prose About Chinese Musical Instruments. Ill. by April Chu. New York: Shen's Books/Lee & Low.
  34. Johnston, Tony. 2014. Sequoia. New York: Macmillan.
  35. Kuderick, Madeleine. 2014. Kiss of Broken Glass. New York: HarperTeen.
  36. Latham, Irene. 2014. Dear Wandering Wildebeest: And Other Poems from the Water Hole. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook/Lerner. 
  37. Lewis, J. Patrick and Florian, Douglas. 2014. Poem-mobiles: Crazy Car Poems. Ill. by Jeremy Holmes. New York: Schwartz & Wade/Random House.
  38. Lewis, J. Patrick. 2014. Everything is a Poem: The Best of J. Patrick Lewis. Ill. by Cristina Pritelli. Mankato: MN: Creative Editions.
  39. Lewis, J. Patrick. 2014. James Reese Europe and the Harlem Hellfighters. Ill. by Gary Kelley. Mankato, MN: Creative Editions.
  40. Lewis, J. Patrick and Lyon, George Ella. 2014. Voices from the March: Washington, D.C., 1963. Honesdale, PA: Wordsong/Boyds Mills Press.
  41. Lunsford, Michael. 2014. Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards. Bookbaby. 
  42. May, Robert L. 2014. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Ill. by Antonio Javier Caparo. New York: Simon & Schuster.
  43. Michelson, Richard. 2014. S is for Sea Glass: A Beach Alphabet. Ill. by Doris Ettlinger. Chelsea, MI: Sleeping Bear Press. 
  44. Mora, Pat. 2014. Water Rolls, Water Rises/ El agua rueda, el agua sube. Ill. by Meilo So. San Francisco: Children's Book Press.
  45. Murphy, Alan. 2014. Prometheus Unplugged.
  46. Muten, Burleigh. 2014. Miss Emily. Ill. by Matt Phelan. Somerville, MA: Candlewick.
  47. Muth, Jon. J. 2014. Hi, Koo!: A Year of Seasons. New York: Scholastic.
  48. Nagai, Mariko. 2014. Dust of Eden. Chicago: Whitman. 
  49. Nelson, Marilyn. 2014. How I Discovered Poetry. New York: Dial.
  50. Neri, Greg. 2014. Hello, I'm Johnny Cash. Ill. by A. G. Ford. Somerville, MA: Candlewick.
  51. Nesbitt, Kenn. 2014. The Biggest Burp Ever: Funny Poems for Kids. Spokane, WA: Purple Room Publishing.
  52. Newman, Lesléa. 2015. Here is the World: A Year of Jewish Holidays. Ill. by Susan Gal. New York: Abrams.
  53. Oliver, Lin. 2014. Little Poems for Tiny Ears. Ill. by Tomie de Paola. New York: Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin.
  54. Phillips, Linda. 2014. Crazy. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.
  55. Pinkney, Andrea Davis. The Red Pencil. Ill. by Shane W. Evans. New York: Little, Brown.
  56. Raczka, Bob. 2014. Joy in Mudville. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda (Lerner).
  57. Raczka, Bob. 2014. Santa Clauses: Short Poems from the North Pole.  Minneapolis: Carolrhoda (Lerner).
  58. Radunsky, Vladimir. 2014. Alphabetabum: An Album of Rare Photographs and Medium Verses. New York: NYR Children's Collection.
  59. Rogé. 2014. Haiti My Country: Poems by Haitian Schoolchildren. Ill. by Rogé. Fifth House. Markham, Ontario.
  60. Salas, Laura Purdie. 2014. Water Can Be. Ill. by Violeta Dabija. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook.
  61. Schmidt, Annie. 2014. A Pond Full of Ink. Ill. by Sieb Posthuma. Translated. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.
  62. Shields, Carol Diggory. 2014. Baby’s Got the Blues. Somerville, MA: Candlewick.
  63. Sidman, Joyce. 2014. Winter Bees & Other Poems of the Cold. Ill. by Rick Allen. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  64. Spinelli, Eileen. 2014. Another Day as Emily. New York: Knopf.
  65. Swaim, Jessica. 2014. Classic Poetry for Dogs: Why Do I Chase Thee. Ill. by Chet Phillips. Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith.
  66. Thomas, J. C. 2014. Ninja Mouse: Haiku. Sterling, VA: SuperUltraGo! Press. 
  67. Van Hecke, Susan. 2014. Under the Freedom Tree. Ill. by London Ladd. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge.
  68. Vardell, Sylvia and Wong, Janet. Eds. 2014. The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science. Princeton, NJ: Pomelo Books.
  69. Walrath, Dana. 2014. Like Water on Stone. New York: Delacorte Press.
  70. Weatherford, Carole Boston. 2014. Sugar Hill: Harlem's Historic Neighborhood. Ill. by R. Gregory Christie. Chicago: Whitman.
  71. Wilson, Karma. 2014. Outside the Box. Ill. by Diane Goode. New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster.
  72. Winters, Ben H. 2014. Literally Disturbed #3: Romantically Disturbed. New York: Penguin/Price Stern Sloan.
  73. Woodson, Jacqueline. 2014. Brown Girl Dreaming. New York: Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin.
  74. Yolen, Jane. 2014. Sister Fox’s Field Guide to Writing. Unsettling Wonder.

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laurasalas said...

Whee! Thanks, Sylvia. I'm going to go add all these to my TBR list on Goodreads. I missed out on some poetry titles in 2013, and I can't let that happen again:>)

Liz Steinglass said...

Thank you! There's so much to look forward to this year. I will add these to my reading list also.

Joy said...

Thanks for your help Sylvia in keeping us current.

Renee LaTulippe said...

I love that you do these lists - it's so hard to keep up on everything. Thank you!

jama said...

I always look forward to this list. Thanks, Sylvia!

Helen Frost said...

Thanks so much, Sylvia--you are awesome, keeping us all informed like this. A note on Room 214: A Year in Poems--this is the 10th anniversary paperback edition of Spinning Through the Universe, so not exactly a new 2014 book.
So much to look forward to!

Linda B said...

Thank you for the list-will be helpful to look for the books!

Linda said...

Wow! It's going to be a great year of reading! I just got THE POEM THAT WILL NOT END in the mail today. I hope to find some time this weekend to enjoy it!

Sylvia Vardell said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. Glad you find my list helpful.

And thanks, Helen, for that correction (which I have noted in the list). I wondered if it was the same book (which I loved in its previous incarnation), so I'm glad to see it's getting another iteration! Best of luck!

Mary Lee said...

Great list! Can't wait for #28!! :-)

skanny17 said...

So glad to have your lists, Sylvia. Thanks.
Janet F. Clare

Ed DeCaria said...

Sylvia, thank you for this preview every year.

Keri said...

I love the diversity in this list! The beekeeper in me is very excited about Joyce Sidman's new title. And of course we're all cheering for Laura's new book!

Rosi said...

Thanks for this list. I will be on the lookout for these books.

Doraine said...

Wow, what a great list. Thanks!

Irene Latham said...

Thank you, Sylvia -- I always love this list! You can add my book: DEAR WANDERING WILDEBEEST: AND OTHER POEMS FROM THE WATER HOLE coming from Millbrook Press/Lerner August 1!

Sylvia Vardell said...

Thanks, Irene, it's on the list-- and I look forward to reading it this summer! Thanks also, Margarita, for the "heads up" on Mariko Nagai's new book too. She's a new name for me and I look forward to reading DUST OF EDEN, too.

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Catching up on my PF reading after a crazy two weeks-- sure glad I didn't miss out on this gem! Thanks for letting us know about all of these wonderful books to look out for!

Janie said...

Woohoo! I wrote a grant to buy poetry books. Thank you for the list, so I can start shopping!