Saturday, May 18, 2013

The poetry of shoes

I'm currently in Bali (yes, THAT Bali) for the IBBY Asia Oceana Congress to talk about poetry, what else?  (More on my presentation, "The World in Verse," later.) But first, I've done a bit of touring and ran across this and I had to share!

Since I am a shoe lover (although I just can't manage the way-high heels I wore in my "youth"), I get  that shoes and bags do have their own kind of poetry! Don't you agree?

(Also, my apologies for being AWOL. Bali is blocking Gmail and Blogger, but I stumbled upon a "back-door" today, which will probably slam shut any moment! If not, I'll post more nuggets soon...)


Charles Ghigna said...

Bali! How exciting, Sylvia! Love the sign. ;-) Sending you good wishes for a safe return, along with a poem "If Words Wore Shoes" from the FATHER GOOSE Blog

Mary Lee said...

Wow! Bali!! What fun!!

I'm glad that sign found you -- someone who would TOTALLY appreciate it!

skanny17 said...

This is practically priceless. Can't wait to read Charles's poem......I love how poetry can be anything. I think I finally understand my shore and bag journey. I am looking for that perfect poem!!! The one that fits just so. The one with just the right amount of bling. How exciting to be in Bali, Sylvia, lucky them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shoe poetry? You must see SHOE MAGIC by Nikki Grimes (Orchard Books,2000), illustrated by Terry Widener, l6 poems about work books, slippers, toe shoes, flippers, et. al.

I particulary remember getting goose bumps when I read the Dedication: "To Lee Bennett Hopkins. A poet never had a better friend.