Monday, March 25, 2013

Poetry Contest for Kids

I'm spreading the word about a fun poetry writing contest for kids. Here's the scoop:

Jill Corcoran, compiler and contributing poet to the award-winning Dare to Dream … Change the World, a children’s collection of biographical and inspirational poems, has announced the Dare to Dream … Change the World Annual Writing Contest for Kids. The grand-prize winner will receive $1500 worth of books for a school or public library of their choice. The top thirty entries will be published as a free e-book by Kane Miller Books.

Recently released by Kane Miller Books and illustrated by J. Beth Jepson, Dare to Dream … Change the World features work from thirty renowned contemporary children’s poets, including J. Patrick Lewis, current Children’s Poetry Laureate. Each pair of poems in this anthology was inspired by someone whose actions made a difference, not only in their own lives, but in the lives of people all over the world. Subjects form a culturally diverse mix ranging from Jonas Salk to Steven Spielberg, from Christa McAuliffe to Michelle Kwan, with brief descriptions of their lives included. Poems by Jill Corcoran and Bruce Coville frame the biographical-inspired pieces.

Contributing poets to Dare to Dream … Change the World:
Ellen Hopkins*Jane Yolen*Joyce Sidman*J. Patrick Lewis* Marilyn Singer*Georgia Heard*Alice Schertle*Lisa Wheeler*Julia Durango*Joyce Lee Wong*David L. Harrison*Elaine Magliaro*Hope Anita Smith*Carol Tanzman*Alan Katz*Rose Horowitz*Hope Vestergaard*Jacqui Robbins*Jill Corcoran*Joan Bransfield Graham* Laura Purdie Salas*Curtis Crisler*Kelly Fineman*Tracie Vaughn Zimmer*Stephanie Hemphill*Rebecca Kai Dotlich*Janet Wong*Lee Bennett Hopkins*Bruce Coville

This contest “aims to promote literacy, poetry writing, and nonfiction research while inspiring students to follow their own dreams.” Following the format of the book, students in the third through eighth grade are invited to send a biographical poem together with a non-fiction paragraph about someone who not only dreamed, but took action and made the world better. Official rules can be found at A free, downloadable curriculum guide for the book is also available both on the contest website and at

WHO: For students in 3rd through 8th grade.

WHAT: Following the format of the book, students will write a biographical poem and non-fiction paragraph about someone who not only dreamed, but took action and made the world better.

HOW: Send your entry by e-mail to
with the subject line “DARE TO DREAM Writing Contest.”

Be sure to include your first name only, your e-mail address and your parents’ e-mail address.
Official rules at

DEADLINE: April 30, 2013

WINNER receives $1500 worth of books for a library of their choice.

TOP 30 ENTRIES will be published as an e-book.

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Linda B said...

I have already shared about this with colleagues, Sylvia. It really does sound like a good one to enter. Thanks!