Saturday, April 30, 2011


Poetry Tag continues with a book review of a new book of poetry connected to yesterday's book review.

Today’s tagline:
Poems to tear out

Featured Book: Navasky, Bruno. 2011. Poem in Your Pocket for Young Poets; 100 Poems to Rip Out & Read. Abrams.

What a fun way to end Poetry Tag—with a poetry collection kids can manipulate and make their own. The Academy of American Poets has a new poetry book out for young people-- that's totally rippable! Open the hard cover and inside is a pad of paper with each page containing a poem-- 100 poems in total-- each page designed to be ripped out like a tear-off calendar. Very fun! (The book is also available for purchase as a hardback with pages that are bound-- and aren't designed to be ripped out!)

The 100 poems are primarily by published for an adult audience, but are chosen with appeal to young readers (particularly tweens and teens) in mind. For example,

stantial Planes
by A. R. Ammons

It doesn't

to me

poems mean

there's no


to the

and yet

walks the

Doesn't that have great kid appeal?!
Perhaps this will prompt young readers to take the poem with them, learn it/share it, build their own personal collections of f
avorite poems, tuck a favorite in their pockets, or look for another poem just like the one they love. 

Perhaps this will also prompt you to look for the next poetry book to tag and share. An anthology? A picture book collection? A new one? An old favorite? Keep the momentum going all year long.

Tag, you’re it!

[That’s it! Thus ends National Po
etry Month. But don’t stop now. You can share a poem a day any month with the e-book, PoetryTagTime, an e-book with 30 poems, all connected, by 30 poets, downloadable at Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app for your computer, iPad or phone for only 99 cents.]

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Michele Krueger said...

To Sylvia and your hard working students,
Thank you for a fabulous month of book reviews- they were excellent! Well written, insightful, and best of all- opened my eyes to some new books I hadn't yet seen before. What a creative contribution to National Poetry Month! Kudos all!
Michele Krueger

Sylvia Vardell said...

Thanks so much, Michele. I'm so proud of my students and so pleased to work with them in putting this all together. What a great experience for us all. Glad you've found it helpful, too.