Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Puppy for the White House by J. Patrick Lewis

A Puppy for the White House
by J. Patrick Lewis

“Please pick me!” whimpered a beagle puppy.

“Not that froufrou teacup poodle yuppy.

I'm the dog who’s every kid’s idea

Of lap-land love. Ask Sasha and Malia.

I know just what you're thinking, Mrs. Obama.

Forget it, Lhasa apsos are such drama

Queens, Chihuahuas can be Shihtzuphrenic.

Who knows? I might be hypoallergenic!

Melancollies? Basset hounds? Depressing.

Pick me for snappy West Wing window dressing,

Licking hands of heads of state and royalty—

I'll bark the K-9 kibble oath of loyalty,

Your second mascot! Like the American eagle.

No Boston Secreterrier.

Get a beagle!"

Poets Rebecca Kai Dotlich and J. Patrick Lewis challenged each other to write a poem (without sharing with each other) from a puppy's point of view for the new position in the White House in honor of the Obama girls and the new puppy they will be choosing. Here's Pat's. Rebecca's is coming up next... next Poetry Friday, Jan. 23.

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Kelly Polark said...

That is so cute! Even more fun as we are choosing a puppy from a shelter next month for our family! For some odd reason, I may be the only one writing poems about it though :0).

Anonymous said...

Hey Sheila - apropos of nothing, I've sent you several emails to invite you to join the judging panel for the CYBILS at yahoo, but thus far, they've either not gone through or you've not seen them or something. Can you email me at kellyfineman at hotmail dot com with a preferred email address? (I've been using your teaching one, but maybe that's the issue?)

Sylvia Vardell said...

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with finding the perfect puppy!

And no, I haven't received any emails from you, but I have sent you an email now and joined the Yahoo group. Thanks for finding me!

tess said...

Very cute and copyright credits to boot.

laurasalas said...

Ha! Great puns. And as the besotted owner of a beagle (Captain Jack Sparrow, the cutest dog ever), I agree!