Friday, October 31, 2008

Poetry Friday Round Up for Halloween

Welcome to Poetry Friday and my poetry-only blog, PoetryforChildren. I’m honored to host this week’s Poetry Friday Round Up. Please leave a link in the comments area. I'll be rounding up throughout the day. Meanwhile, enjoy this poem for the day by Jane Yolen—I shared this one many year’s ago with my son’s fourth grade class and it was their absolute favorite!

Magic House
by Jane Yolen

We should have known when we tasted the eaves,

Breaking them off like toffee

And cramming them into our mouths.

And the dear little windows, the color of coffee,

And chocolate doorknobs,

And windowpanes striped with mint.

We should have guessed at the chimney smoke,

White marshmallow fluff.

Taken the hint

From the marzipan bricks

And the fenceposts made of bone rubble.

But it was only when we saw the witch

That we knew we were in deep, deep trouble.

From: Livingston, Myra Cohn, comp. 1989.
Halloween Poems. New York: Holiday House. This poem can also be found in Ms. Yolen’s own collection, Best Witches (Putnam, 1989). This poem appears here with the permission of the author. It is not to be published elsewhere without her express permission.

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Next week’s Poetry Friday round up will be at Check it Out.
In between, don’t forget to vote next Tuesday, Nov. 4.

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Greg Pincus said...

I'm up with a repost of an original Halloween poem, cleverly called...


Thanks for hosting!

Monica Edinger said...

Hi Sylvia, I've got a post about some poems of Nina Lindsay:

Julie said...

Thanks for hosting, Sylvia. No Halloween poem today, but over at The Drift Record, I'm in with a love poem I wrote to my pencil box.
Happy Halloween everyone and don't forget to vote on Tuesday! If you're not casting an absentee/mail-in ballot, go early to your polling place. There are long lines predicted, so be patient.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Oooo I love that Yolan poem! Perfect for 4th grade cleverness.

I'm in this week with a review of Hip Hop Speaks to Children. Thanks for rounding us up!

Anonymous said...

I'm in with a Halloween Poem from a great book by Whitehead: Thanks for hosting today Sylvia!

Anonymous said...

What a delightfully wicked little poem for Halloween! Thanks for it and for hosting, Sylvia.

My contribution is an original poem, "Hobgoblins."

Jim Danielson said...

I posted an original Halloween poem in honor of the day. Thanks for hosting.

Jim Danielson

Sara said...

J. Patrick Lewis has stopped by Read*Write*Believe today, with a treat: his Halloween poem, "Whatever Happened to Oliver Tooke?"

Author Amok said...

Happy Halloween, Sylvia!

I can't resist Edgar Allan Poe today. I'm in with his poem "Alone" and some news about a Baltimore vs. Philadelphia Poe smack-down.

Mary Lee said...

I have a poem that is neither for children nor for Halloween, even though I'll be spending the day with both!

Diane said...

Hi Sylvia! Thanks for the sweetly evil Jane Yolen poem!

Janet of The Write Sisters invites readers to do a choral reading of the witches' scene from Macbeth.


Kurious Kitty is in with Carl Sandburg's "Theme in Yellow." Thanks for hosting and Happy Halloween!

Tricia said...

Hi Sylvia,
I'm in today with a poem from the book Spooky ABC.

Thanks for hosting. Happy Halloween!

Carol said...

I'm in with a little Halloween ditty that my kids have been chanting all week!

laurasalas said...

Thanks for rounding up, Sylvia. I'm in today with a low-budget video of me reading a scary poem from my Shrinking Days, Frosty Night.

And with 15 Words or Less poems at

laurasalas said...

P.S. I love, love, love that Yolen poem. Terrific language...not cutesy at all!

jama said...

Hi Sylvia,
Today I have a pitiful Halloween tale from childhood and my favorite Halloween poem by Carl Sandburg, "Theme in Yellow."

Thanks for hosting!

Terry Doherty said...

Hi Sylvia, Thanks for hosting. A muse struck me (or was it my foot?) as I was leaving the office yesterday. Here is an original poem


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a non-Halloween post:

Thanks for hosting. Have a great day!

Christina said...

Today I'm in with a poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery with some great images to carry with you tonight if you're out with trick-or-treaters! Here at my blog, A Habit of Reading.

Thanks for hosting, Sylvia!

Christina said...

Hmm, the link for the poem didn't work. I'm trying again here.

Carol said...

I'm in with a little Halloween ditty that our kids have been chanting all week. I don't know why it's black and gold, instead of black and orange!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia, I've posted an original poem for All Saints Day.

"Cemetery Walk" at

Anonymous said...

Thank you for rounding up. Here is mine:

Elaine Magliaro said...


Thanks for doing the roundup this week--and Happy Halloween!!!

At Wild Rose Reader, I have an original political list poem about all the folks, including Joe the Plumber, who are out on the campaign trail.

At Blue Rose Girls, I have a poem entitled "Halloween" written by Mac Hammond.

John Mutford said...

Wow, and I thought I was early!

Here's my post. It's an eerie poem by Ardath Mayhar.

Linda said...

Thanks for hosting. I have a ghost villanelle at

Tracy Marchini said...

I have some song lyrics from the Decemberists up at

Thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

Here is our Poetry Friday entry by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Stenhouse Publishers

Anonymous said...

I have "Isabel the Brave" by Ogden Nash today:

Thanks for doing the roundup!

Yat-Yee said...

My contribution this week is a poem by Polish Poet, Zbigniew Herbert, titled, "I would like to describe."

Saints and Spinners said...

Thanks for hosting and posting the Yolen poem. My offering is a Jack-o'-lantern song my daughter brought home from school. A video accompanies it so that you can hear the tune:

Saints and Spinners said...

Whoops, that cut off. Try this.

Unknown said...

I've got W.S. Gilbert's "The Yarn of the Nancy Bell" in honor of the most popular Halloween costume (including my own!)

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Here's a original piece: Teacup

Shelly B said...

I'm up with Haunted House by Jack Prelutsky.

Little Willow said...

Happy Halloween! I posted SPOOKY lyrics by Classics IV over at Bildungsroman today!

Anonymous said...

I have a Frances Chesterton poem on Day of the Dead today! Thanks for hosting...

Becky said...

I'm in with a snippet of Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

Thanks for hosting!

Alyssa F said...

I've got a Halloween classic: The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween, Sylvia, and thanks for rounding up! I'm in with Valerie Worth's "Pumpkin" to celebrate the day...

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Hi, Sylvia. Thanks for hosting!

I have an original haiku for my On the Spot writing called


Thank you!

eisha said...

Hi, Sylvia! Happy Halloween, and thanks for rounding up today. 7-Imp is in with one of Edgar Allan Poe's worst poems (IMO).

Anonymous said...

I'm in with a zombie reading poetry.

Anonymous said...

What a crazy day! I am chiming in late, with a Halloween post citing the witches from Macbeth.

Chicken Spaghetti

Erin said...

Thank you for hosting! I love the poem you posted.
Here's my contribution:

Sam said...

I'm in real late with a oddball halloween poem/riddle...

Sam Riddleburger

Sylvia Vardell said...

Thank you ALL for making my first Poetry Friday host experience fun and easy. What a treat to connect with each of you-- a perfect Halloween web of blogs!

David said...

Hi. I teach 4th grade here in Madison, Indiana. I spent a good amount of time browsing your site. Thanks for your words. My site has many issues like yours. I hope to come back soon and read more. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Wow!After read your poem "The Magic House" its nice.i think it will be a big hit with the kids & also all of age.