Friday, July 14, 2006

Getting started: POETRY ALOUD HERE!

Let's explore what's new in the field of poetry published for children and young adults. I'd like to begin with a bit of shameless self-promotion about my new book, POETRY ALOUD HERE. It's a practitioner's guide to sharing poetry with children (ages 5-12) in ways that are fun, meaningful and participatory. Chapter titles include:
Chapter 1: Why Make Poetry a Priority?
Chapter 2: Which Poets are Popular?
Chapter 3: What Poetry do Children Enjoy?
Chapter 4: How do you Promote Poetry?
Chapter 5: How do you Present Poetry to Children?
Chapter 6: What Happens After You Share the Poem?
Ten children's poets contributed original poems and essays, too, including: Pat Mora, Jack Prelutsky, Janet Wong, Douglas Florian, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Nikki Grimes, Brod Bagert, J. Patrick Lewis, Marilyn Singer and Naomi Shihab Nye.
It's published by the American Library Association (2006) and is available at:
Lee Bennett Hopkins said it "should be part of EVERY teacher/librarian's bookshelf."


Emily said...

I'm so excited about this new blog! Good luck! I will check it often!

Anonymous said...

We used this book in a Children's lit class i took this fall. Unfortunately I didn't get into the book until recently. I am student teaching and have been asked to write a three week poetry unit. Well I picked the book up again and can't put it down. What a awesome resource to have! Great book!!!