Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dutch poem video

The International Youth Library (IYL), the world's largest library of international books for children and young adults, compiles an annual list of best children's books from around the world called the White Ravens list.The 2011 list includes 250 titles in 30 languages from 40 countries. Of these, I found 14 poetry titles-- from 12 different countries. I took pictures of each of the books and found volunteers to read selections from 7 of them for a short video. Here is a Dutch poetry book from the Netherlands on the 2011 White Ravens list.

Biemans, Ienne (text)

Jitta, Ceseli Josephus (illus.)

Rosa en de wonderschoenen
(Rosa and her wonder shoes)

[Amsterdam]: Nieuw Amsterdam, 2010. – 62 p.

ISBN 978-90-468-0711-8


Rosa is paying a visit to Sister and her mother Toketore while wearing her magic shoes. Thirty-two poems tell of the adventures of the main characters, in which animals and being together are central themes. Biemans writes in a vivid style and often uses absurd humour. The poems have an agreeable rhythm. Feelings are described powerfully, for example the homesickness Sister experiences when she stays the night at a friend’s house, or the sudden tears that come when watching a sad movie about nature. The illustrations, which combine black and red, fit the book perfectly; sometimes they give the reader a better understanding of the poem, but they may also offer a different interpretation of the text. This is poetry that stimulates the imagination of young children. (Age: 5+)

Here is Ingrid Bon, uber-librarian and leader in IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations), reading a poem from this book.

Image credit: SV;IYL

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