Sunday, April 18, 2021

"Zoom Doom" by Helen Kemp Zax


And here is a video of the poet Helen Kemp Zax reading her poem out loud to a group of wonderful poets-- all with their own poems in HOP TO IT: POEMS TO GET YOU MOVING.


skanny17 said...

Love Helen's poem and the video is nicely selected. I have not tried making one in order to see all the amazing clips offered for this project on flexclip. Some are just perfectly matched. We were the newbie grandparents for sure. We were doing Skype initially before we used Zoom. So many new skills as we adjusted to life in the pandemic. Oh there are funny stories about Skyping with a 1 1/2 yo and a 4 yo!!! They loved it for a while, but eventually it just wore off. They were so used to us in person. We were able to create a safe "pod" so we did not see them for 3 months or so in person but then we did take the small risk of being with them and luckily were spared.
Janet Clare F.

Linda said...

So many of us can relate to Helen's wonderful poem!