Monday, May 21, 2012

TLA Videos: Krista Lambert

Our TLA Poetry Round Up ended with a new and unique component-- a teen! It's always a treat to include a young person on a panel about young people and their literature. This time, we were lucky to feature the recent winner of the Texas state-wide Poetry Out Loud competition, Krista Lambert.

Krista Lambert is a high school Junior from Lufkin, Texas, who has been homeschooled since the 1st grade. Her interests include playing the violin, (she's made High School Regional Orchestra for the last 3 years), horseback riding (English style), reading, and creative writing. She's loved poetry since she was a small child and has competed in Poetry Out Loud for 3 years. She also loves drama and has participated in local plays for several years.

This year, Krista became the Texas Poetry Out Loud champion and competed in the National Finals with teens from around the country May 13-15, in Washington, DC.

She did an amazing job closing our session and was an eloquent and moving presenter, talking about the Poetry Out Loud competition itself and then performing two classic poems (from memory) by John Donne and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Here she is offering a lovely interpretation of a Hopkins poem. [Note the panel of poets sitting in rapt attention as they listen to Krista!]

What a great way to end the Round Up, right?!

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