Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Poetry and me at NCTE

I'm heading off to the NCTE convention and looking forward to several poetry sessions and will be presenting one myself along with a lovely panel of poetry people. I hope to report on those sessions with film and video when I return-- J. Pat Lewis is receiving his NCTE Poetry Award, as well as speaking, there will be a "parade" session of other poetry award recipients, Joyce Sidman and Pat Mora will be speaking at the annual "Master Class" session, and Joyce is also the CLA Breakfast speaker (where we'll be finalizing the art auction, too). Plus, informal gatherings and excellent exhibits. Very fun and poetry-filled!

But first, I would like to toot my own horn, if you don't mind. Plus we have a freebie to promote! Here are the details on my session if you're in Chicago and free early Saturday morning! Janet Wong and I are offering free copies of our forthcoming e-book of holiday poetry for kids to all who come early.

Poetry for Paupers from Recitation to E-Books; Infusing Poetry into the Classroom
National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention
Chicago, IL
Sat., Nov. 19, 2011
Chicago Hilton

*Yours truly
*Janet Wong, Author and Poet, sponsored by Charlesbridge
Autographing Sat., Nov. 19 (3-4pm) at Charlesbridge booth #1120
*Laurie Purdie Salas, Author and Poet, sponsored by Clarion Books
Autographing Sat., Nov. 19 (11am-12pm) at HMH booth #105
*Stephen Young, Program Director, Poetry Foundation, Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest
*Youssef Biaz, Alabama, 2011 Poetry Out Loud national champion (great to have a teen on our panel!)

Here's the session description:
Why is poetry for young people so important? Poetry embodies emotion and imagination that help connect readers and listeners across barriers of culture, ethnicity, and even age. As Emerson said, poetry teaches us the power of a few words, helping us see old things in new ways. It can make us laugh out loud, or stop and think. How do we find ways to share poetry when financial resources are so tight? Inexpensive teaching materials and resources, from the old fashioned tried-and-true to the cutting edge e-reader, offer new and inexpensive approaches for connecting kids and poetry. These resources allow us to bring poets and poetry into the classroom through multiple media using print, visual, and digital tools.

This session will introduce participants to a variety of free or inexpensive teaching resources including:
• Downloadable audio files of poetry readings
• Free readers guides and reproducibles
• Publisher resources such as posters, guides, and bookmarks
• Digital book trailers
• Poetry recitation competitions
• Books for Kindles, iPads, and poetry e-readers
• Blogs and web sites
• Homemade poetry books, magazines, and newspapers

In addition, the session panel will include two nationally known poets reading from their work and discussing resources available on their web sites and blogs. This includes Janet Wong and Laura Purdie Salas. Each is a unique poetic voice, as well as a creator of a range of poetry for both children and young adults. Each employs active web sites/blogs that offer interactive opportunities for young people as well as curricular resources for teachers and librarians.

Finally, the session will also feature the resources available through the Poetry Foundation, in particular, the Poetry Out Loud: National Recitation Contest. Steve Young, Program Director at the Poetry Foundation will share details about how teens can participate in this free competition and the session will conclude with a poetry performance by this year’s teen winner.

The proposed session will provide an opportunity to learn about inexpensive resources for promoting poetry in the classroom, providing insight and guidance for teachers who want to lead students in reading, reciting, and responding as writers, performers, and poets. We’ll consider how poets, teachers, and kids can use print, performance, and technology to connect through poetry. What kinds of poetry resources engage students to wonder and explore, ask big questions, make discoveries and connections, and learn about themselves and others? With the goal of making more poetry accessible for more children, this session will remind participants of all ages of the richness to be found in poetry for young people today.

For my part, I'll be highlighting:
  • 25 of my favorite poetry (teaching) resources on the web,
  • 28 of my favorite poetry promoting blogs
  • 88 awesome poet web sites
  • 10 sources of free audio poetry
  • 10 links to publisher sites for free materials
  • 6 outlets for publishing young people's writing
Should be fun! I've been attending NCTE conventions for over 30 years now and it's one of my favorite events. Since this is the 100th anniversary of the organization, it feels extra special to be there and to be talking about all kinds of digital resources for the next era.

Watch for more info about GIFT TAG, an e-book of holiday poems for kids available on Thanksgiving Day.

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Janet Wong

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Bryan K said...

Hi Sylvia!

I'm a 27 year old writer in San Clemente, CA.

I recently wrote my first children's book and am raising funds so it can be professionally illustrated & the 1st edition printed! The story's really fun, unique, and of course surf/beach-inspired. It's a lyrical story about waves & storms, which you can hear me introduce & narrate in the video at the following link. My motivation and goal for writing this book is to inspire future generations to appreciate & explore nature, especially the ocean:

I've received some great feedback so far and raised a substantial amount of money through family & friends, but am only about 40% of the way to my goal w/ just over 2 weeks to go. The way Kickstarter works is that if I fall short of my funding goal, none of the pledges are processed & I'm back to square 1. So now I'm reaching out to a number of blogs in hopes that they can help me spread the word. If you would be willing to put something up on your blog I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.


laurasalas said...

Wow, so much poetry goodness. My Saturday is filled to the brim, and yet look how much I'm missing out on! But, most importantly, I can't wait for the Poetry for Paupers session and then the Parade of Poets. Thank you, Sylvia!

Janet Wong said...

Yes, that's right: Bring your e-reader with you on Saturday morning and come to our session at 7:45am (15 minutes early) to receive an instant free copy of our new e-book! You will be the VERY first in the world to see it!!