Friday, August 18, 2017

Luther's 95 theses + my found poem

This summer I've had the chance to travel to Germany, visit extended family, and see the sites of Martin Luther's life in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. When we went to the city where Luther nailed his famous 95 theses to the church door, I thought it might be fun to "nail" my own statement on that same door. (The doors are now bronze, so no actually nailing occurred!) 

So, I downloaded an English translation of those 95 theses (originally in German) and worked on creating a "found" poem using those words from Luther so many years ago questioning the status quo. I wanted to use at least one word from each of the 95 theses (so at least 95 key words!). It took some doing, but I made something that turned out to be surprisingly meaningful for me. I "hammered" it to the door in Wittenberg where Luther nailed his original 95 theses. So fun and meaningful to do! Thought I might share it here too. 

You can find the whole text for the original (in English) here. (It's LONG!) Here's a step back to look at the whole church-- pretty impressive! (I brought a goofy "Flat Luther" with me on this trip to pose at various spots, so that's why he's in front of the church. Don't judge!)

It was also cool to see that the German Lutheran church had sponsored an art exhibit of doors (more doors!) to focus on celebrating diversity and honoring those with special needs. Here is a glimpse at that exhibit made of many doors, too. 

Now head on over to Kay's blog, A Journey Through the Pages, where she is hosting all our Poetry Friday goodness. 


Tabatha said...

I enjoyed this post from top to bottom, Sylvia! Doors, Flat Luther, and especially your found poem. (Was your found poem what you "nailed"?)

Liz Steinglass said...

Hi Sylvia, I absolutely love your found poem. What a wonderful idea and what a wonderful trip.

Mary Lee said...

Your poem is beautiful and true. I love that you made new strong words out of old strong words.

I did literally laugh out loud at your Flat Luther!!

And OH! Those doors!!

Janet Wong said...

OK, I am judging . . . and I say that Flat Luther is FANTASTIC!

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katswhiskers said...

Wow. What a rich and meaningful post. I love your preparation. I can only imagine how satisfying and enriching (and not to mention exciting) this trip must have been, based on all you'd done in advance.

Also - those doors!