Thursday, September 29, 2016

Time for WWU Poetry Camp, Poetry Makerspace, and 40 POETS all in one place!

Over a year ago, Sylvia Tag (librarian) and Nancy Johnson (professor), at Western Washington University, had the idea to host a "Poetry Camp" and invited Janet (Wong) and me to come and speak. Of course we said YES! Then Janet had the idea of inviting poets we know if they'd like to come and join us. And 40 poets said YES YES YES! And now the time has come and we're gathering in Bellingham, Washington, at the WWU Poetry CHaT Center for poetry for young people with 100+ others to talk poetry, make poetry art, share poetry ideas, and just plain have fun together! Here's the lowdown on the Saturday conference activities.

But first, we gather with just the poets to share ideas and have fun. Kathy Humphrey is presenting social media strategies. Paige Bentley Flannery, Sara Holbrook, and Michael Salinger are sharing presentation tips. JoAnn Early will be talking about publishing and Julie Larios will inspire us with Oulipo Leaping ideas. Then Robyn Hood Black will lead us (and the public at large) in a fun Makerspace activity night. What a blast!

The 40 poets presenting this weekend?

Janet helped create a special Poetry Camp celebration book of poems by each of the 40 participating poets and I've adapted that into a mini-slideshow. Plus, we're talking about sharing poetry everyday and making connections across the curriculum. (Hope to share details about all of that later.) So excited to meet each of these people IN PERSON and spend a few days reveling in poetry, writing, sharing. I plan to share photos and nuggets from this amazing experience afterward. Stay tuned. 

For the rest of the Poetry Friday gathering, go to Karen's place here.


Greg Pincus said...

Yay! Thanks to everyone for their hard work in setting this up. I cannot wait to be there (as attendee, fan, presenter, whatever!!!).

Liz Steinglass said...

Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait for everyone to wake up and start the day.

skanny17 said...

I just wish this could be live-streamed for those who wish they could be there!! Can we do this every year or every other year??? What a wonderful wonderful experience for all of you!
Janet F. aka Janet Clare

Linda said...

The Poetry Camp sounds so exciting. I wish I could be there. I look forward to your future posts of the highlights!

Penny Parker Klostermann said...

I'd love to be there soaking up all things poetry!

Sylvia Vardell said...

Thanks for your enthusiastic comments, friends. Poetry Camp was A-MAZING! I hope to post a few nuggets shortly so everyone can share in the beautiful experience we all had there!