Friday, April 25, 2014

PFAS: “Hurricane Hideout” by Janet Wong

This is the last of my student-created poem movies for poetry from The Poetry Friday Anthology for ScienceKate L. uses weather news images and hurricane sound effects to make Janet Wong’s poem “Hurricane Hideout” really come to life.

Watch it here.

You’ll find this poem in the 4th grade section of The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science in Week 18: Forces of Nature.

Thank you to each of my students for their creative work in using technology to showcase a poem. Thank you to the poets who allowed us to use their poems for our projects. And thank you, readers, for your comments and responses. We've had fun with this project and hope you'll try something similar with the students you work with. It's something kids can try with their favorite poems, too. 

For the last few days of April, I'll be highlighting a few other poetry-plus-science nuggets, just to round out the month. Wishing you all a Happy Poetry Month! 

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Charles Waters said...

Thank you for this epic project Sylvia. I enjoyed each poem video!