Thursday, August 29, 2013

New novels in verse: Liars

It seems like there has been an explosion in the publication of novels in verse this year-- and so many great ones! Just out this week: Sonya Sones's latest-- To Be Perfectly Honest: A Novel Based on an Untrue Story (Simon & Schuster). It's getting lots of buzz...

Don't you love this crazy mash-up here (above)?! And it fits the story perfectly. President George "I cannot tell a lie" Washington plugging a book about a teenage girl with a serious problem with telling the truth. Why bother, when lying serves you so much better? (At first!) Teen readers will love the California setting, movie star characters, hilarious and authentic teen voice, and sexy first-love scenes. Here's one nugget (from near the end of the book, when the bottom has fallen out on her romance):

All Weekend Long

I weep.
Try to eat.

Admit defeat.

Toss. Turn.


Colette has a great relationship with her little, lisping brother that gives the book heart, and a difficult relationship with her glamorous mother that provides the story's tension. But it's the budding romance with a boy who may or may not be what he pretends to be (just like her!) that pushes the story along toward a satisfying conclusion. Check it out!

More on verse novels coming soon... plus blog tours for poets Carole Boston Weatherford and Janet Wong. Happy Poetry Friday, one and all! 


Janet Wong said...

Love this book! I have a lot on my reading table right now, so I was really happy with the book's quick pace. It's especially perfect for teen girls who haven't done enough summer reading and need to read something before school starts. (Three times as good when a mother reads it and can have a mother-daughter discussion of the themes afterwards!!)

Charles Waters said...

Most exciting! I'll order it know through our library system! Thanks a bunch!