Friday, May 24, 2013

Ms. Neeland's Green Screen Mo Po Poetry Project

One of my fabulous former students is Carol Neeland, a teacher at the American School of the Hague (in the Netherlands). She is doing really creative things with kids incorporating technology in promoting and responding to poetry-- she calls it "green screen poetry." I've shared some of their gems before and have permission to do so once again. Here are very clever poem movies that her students created for two poems by Shel Silverstein.

"Crazy Dream" was created by 6th graders Amanda and Anna and it features some special guest stars:

Dr. Richard Spradling, Superintendent
Ms. Mary Russman, Middle School Principal
Mr. Doug Teter, Grade 6 Science Teacher
Mrs. Rochelle Slachta, Grade 6 Language Arts teacher
and Mrs. Carol Neeland, Middle School IT Teacher

Amanda and Anna's interpretation of poem gave them the "power" to make the Superintendent and Principal stand on their heads and to send their teachers to outer Mongolia!

"Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me, too" was created by Kevin and Jakob, but they needed someone to play Tickle Me, so Jin joined them as well. They used Photoshop to create the flying shoe and then used green screen to put themselves inside of it. Don't they make flying in a shoe look like fun?

This was all part of their big Mo Po celebration for National Poetry Month. (Mo as in "MORE" and Po as in "Poetry!") Way to go, Carol! And thank you for sharing their work with us. Keep the MoPoMomentum going!


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Kristine George said...

Wow! These students poems are SO creative ... Thanks for sharing, Sylvia and Carol.

Janet Wong said...

This green screen technology is super neat! The actors in "Crazy Dream" all did a wonderful job--Dr. Spradling was especially fun to watch. And the "Ickle Me" actors really did look like they were flying over the mountains!